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There is a badge count of 0 present in information that is entered in a web page. The information is sent out as a remote notification and as a data stream through sync which creates a local notification.

When I receive the remote notification this is indicated by the fact that the badge key is set to 0.
The public documentation says this:

Key: badge, Value type: number; The number to display as the badge of the application icon. If this property is absent, the badge is not changed. To remove the badge, set the value of this property to 0.

When I receive this information through the sync and create a UILocalNotification for it, setting the applicationIconBadgeNumber to 0 means something entirely different.
The public documentation says this:

The default value is 0, which means "no change.” The application should use this property’s value to increment the current icon badge number, if any.

Also, the semantics differ a bit since you cannot make a property absent the same way you can with a key-value pair in a dictionary.

The question is, how do I compensate for this difference? I don't have any insight on how it works on the web server (backend), I can only see what is actually entered in the UI as far as badge count is concerned. I do notice that when it is received the 0 have different meanings. Should these differences be handled by the backend, or should I handle them in the client?

Is there any reason for these differences?

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