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someone injects the following content by unsing textfields in forms:


do you have an Idea, what it does? For me, it looks like a try to slow things down.

You can find a lot of injected websites (using this code) in google. I reckon there is some "super hacker script" that is used for that. It seems to use "sample@email.tst" as default email adress. Does somebody know that script?

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I think it slows things down when executed, if it's executed a lot your database will be unreachable / very very slow. Kinda DoS attack – Sander Visser Oct 2 '13 at 11:26
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It's designed to hit the CPU hard regardless of whether the input box's value is unquoted, single-quoted, or double-quoted on older versions of MySQL, and on newer versions, to sleep for 5 seconds, holding the connection open.

In each case it's likely to perform a denial-of-service attack if the application is vulnerable to SQL injection, because holding a connection open for a long time is likely to result in the server running out of resources/available connections.

-- if unquoted, it sees this:
---and then ignores the rest, which appears commented:        

-- If it's single-quoted, it doesn't see the comment,
-- rather, it terminates the singlequote:
-- ...and then sees this: 
--- ...and then sees the next part as a single-quoted string terinated in the client

--but if it's a double-quoted, string, it sees the end double-quote:
-- ...and runs this:
---and then opens a doublequote to be closed in the client
-- This is the end of the comment opened in the case of the unquoted client string.

In each case it's attempting to benchmark an execution of the SHA1 function, which is quite CPU-intensive. BENCHMARK is simply a function that executes another expression a fixed number of times. In this case it's used to perform a CPU DOS on the host.

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