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In nodejs, I can do npm install package --save-dev to save the installed package into the package.

How do I achieve the same thing in Python package manager pip? I would like to save the package name and its version into, say, requirements.pip just after installing the package using something like pip install package --save-dev requirements.pip.

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pip freeze > requirements.pip –  falsetru Oct 2 '13 at 11:37
This is not the same. npm install package --save-dev combines both installation and addition to node_npm requirements file at the same time. It is more handy. With pip freeze I have to do two commands to do the same thing: 1) pip install package 2) pip freeze > requirements.pip –  hllau Oct 2 '13 at 12:03

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There isn't an equivalent with pip.

Best way is to pip install package && pip freeze > requirements.pip

You can see all the available options on their documentation page.

If it really bothers you, it wouldn't be too difficult to write a custom bash script (pips) that takes a -s argument and freezes to your requirements.pip file automatically.

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