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I need to record and playback sound. But in my company we have DLL for our special sound card. This dll working with api, that similar with waveIn\waveOut api. For example, if I need waveOutOpen function, I'm writing companyNameWaveOutOpen. And I need to write program that record and playback sound(ring). Please help me, how can i record and playback sound with WaveOut\WaveIn API. If you can help me, give me example in C++ or C#/VB.NET. added i need to listen in speakers sound that provided by microphone.

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waveInXxx/waveOutXxx is old API and there are a lot of samples online. A simple playback code can be found here LowLatencyWaveOutPlay and also discussed on this Q: What is the smallest audio buffer needed to produce Tone sound without distotions with WaveOUT API.

Windows SDK contains:

  • \Samples\multimedia\windowsmediaformat\audioplayer - sample using waveOutXxx API
  • \Samples\multimedia\audio\DuckingCaptureSample - sample using waveInXxx API.

You can use open source NAudio as a wrapper over this API, and also check the implementation there.

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