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I started a new Android Application based on master/detail flow template using ADT Eclipse. This template creates two activities, a master fragment and a detail fragment in order to fit small and larger screens.

I noticed the activity_item_list.xml file has the tools:layout attribute:

<fragment xmlns:android=""
    tools:layout="@android:layout/list_content" />

I tried to delete the attribute and the app runs in the same way but in the graphical layout tab of ADT, a message ask me for:

pick preview layout from the "Fragment Layout" context menu

What is its purpose? Is it just for preview in graphical layout?

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More info about tools namespace:… – josuadas Oct 2 '13 at 14:30
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This is a namespace used by the IDE tools. This is not needed to run the application on a device (or emulator). On the other hand, if you leave them, Android will ignore them when the application is running on a device.

This is used by e.g. lint and graphical layout tab.

You can check how it's used by lint here: in section Configuring lint checking in XML.

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Yes, it's just information for the Graphical Layout editor how the fragment should be displayed in the editor.

Generally the tools attributes (with tools namespace prefix declared with xmlns:tools="") are used by the development tools and are not compiled in the application itself.

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right click on the grey area, " fragment layout->choose layout" and select your layout , DONE!

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