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I can reset FPU's CTRL registers with this:

But how can I save current registers, and restore them later?

It's from .net code..

What I'm doing, is from Delphi calling an .net dll as an COM module. Checking the Ctrl registers in delphi yield one value, checking with controlfp in the .net code gives another value. What I need, is in essential is to do this:

_controlfp(_CW_DEFAULT, 0xfffff); 

So my floatingpoint calculations in the .net code does not crash, but I want to restore the Ctrl registers when returning.

Maybe I don't? Maybe Delphi is resetting them when needed? I blogged about this problem here.

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   SavedCW: Word;
   SavedCW := Get8087CW;
     // Call .NET code here
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Same function you use to change them: _controlfp(). If you pass in a mask of 0, the current value won't be altered, but it will be returned - save it, and use a second call to _controlfp() to restore it later.

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good idea, the problem is that I did not understand what to put in the mask etc, but the delphi method Set8087CW abowe was very nice. – neslekkiM Oct 14 '08 at 14:43
Yeah... You hadn't mentioned you were using Delphi, so i assumed C/C++. – Shog9 Oct 14 '08 at 16:52

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