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I have two databases with same structure in MS SQL server.

I'd like to copy all views another database.

I tried to use Export data functionality by DTS (that works with the table objects).

But that executes the SQL & creates the table object.

I don't want to execute that just want to copy the view so that I can open them in design view.

I tried to use create new view in destination database & copy SQL query of the view of the source database & save the view. That works works exactly same that I want, But I have number of views & number of copies!

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Right click on your database and say Tasks->Generate scripts. SQL Server Management Studio is able to generate the CREATE scripts for you.

Then you simple copy this script and execute it on the target server/database.

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Some times we forget the simple things... –  Vikas Dec 16 '09 at 10:25

Right click the database, choose Tasks, and then Generate Script. This will allow you to generate a single script containing all views in the database.

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I know this is a VERY late answer, however i think this might prove usefull for some (if you do not have a gui like sql server management studio)

select * 

here you get a column named "view_definition" in sql server, (this works on databases from other vendors too)

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