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well, I have a very strange problem generating 2D-Barcodes (PDF417) with PHP using TCPDF (TCPDF-Website). This is my small code:

require_once ("tcpdf/tcpdf_barcodes_2d.php");
$type = "PDF417";
$barcodeobj = new TCPDF2DBarcode($code, $type);

This code works well and generates the barcode. But when I change the line with the code in


it does not generate any output. I tried several strings and found out, that everytime I try to use a string with more than 12 digits following one after the other I get no output. It does not depend on which position the digits were.

For example:


works finde, but



I use tcpdf 6.0.037 and also tried to download it from annother source. I even tried Version 6.0.020 - no change. Server is openSuSE 12.2 64bit , PHP 5.3.15

Edit: It's getting really strange: I tried annother barcode generator - and I get the same error. This one provides a online demo. When I fill in 1234567890123 online, I get the appropreate barcode. But on my own server the same string does not work.

"123456-7890123" works
"1234567890123" does not work
"123456789012" works
"12e34567890123" works
"123456789012sometext123456789012" works
"123456789012sometext1234567890123" does not work

Every string with more than 12 numbers in a row does not work - no matter how long the string is.

U see what I mean with "strange" ?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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