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I'm testing different 3-way merge tools for TFS 2010. Does anybody have the command line parameter setup for Meld.

I'm looking for something like that.

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after some research and because i found no answer to this question, i've started trying to build the command myself, based on this blog.

In VS 2010, to access command configuration go to: Tools > Options > Source Control > Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and then select "Configure User Tools..."

Operation: Compare

Extension: .*

Command: "D:\Software\Meld\meld\meld.exe" - this is meld.exe file path

Arguments: %1 %2 - this means that you want to compare server file to your modified file

Operation: Merge

This was not easy to figure it out. We can do by other ways, but i think this one is good (it works at least)!

First, we need to create a bat file that we'll call "meld_start.bat". Then we put the following commands inside the bat file:



START /WAIT /D "D:\Software\Meld\meld" meld.exe --auto-merge %1 %2 %3 -o %4 --diff %2 %1 --diff %2 %3

The tricky line is START /WAIT /D "D:\Software\Meld\meld" meld.exe --auto-merge %1 %2 %3 -o %4 --diff %2 %1 --diff %2 %3. The command means that we'll start meld with the following parameters:

meld.exe %1 %2 %3 -o %4 - This means that ou want to compare file %1, %2 and %3 (%2 is the base) and set the merged output inside file %4

--diff %2 %1 --diff %2 %3 - This means that you want to open another two tabs with two comparisons: base file with the server and base file with our file >>> this is optional. if we don´t want we can remove this from bat file.

In VS 2010 we configure Merge command like this:

Extension: .*

Command: "D:\Software\Meld\meld\meld_start.bat" - this is meld_start.bat file path

Arguments: %2 %3 %1 %4 - this means that you want to merge your file, base file and server file. The merged content will be stored on %4 file.

I hope this can help some one!

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My last comment refers to stable version Meld 1.8.5. – PGonçalves Jun 18 '14 at 9:26

Refering to development version of Meld 3.11.1 the steps are the same, but there are a few things we need to do, if we want to get syntax highlighting and latin1 file comparisons:

  • To Allow read "latin1" encoded files, we need to substitute gschemas.compiled file in [Install Dir]\share\meld folder by another one compiled with latin1 option, like this:

Locate your PyGObjectWin32 install folder (probably C:\Python27\Libs\site-packages\gnome) and find glib-compile-schemas within it.

Run glib-compile-schemas on the data folder [source code folder \data\org.gnome.meld.gschema.xml] to generate gschemas.compiled, after changing org.gnome.meld.gschema.xml file.

  • To get syntax highlighting we need to locate gtksourceview-3.0 folder and copy it into [Install Dir]\share folder
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