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I'm using SQL free text searching for the first time and I'm a little confused why it behaves the way it does.

I have a table of contacts which users can search and I'm using

SELECT Contacts.*, [Rank]
FREETEXTTABLE (Contacts, *, 'O''Roarty') AS Contact1_ftt
JOIN Contacts ON Contacts.ContactID = Contact1_ftt.[Key]

which returns 2 results on people with "O'Roarty" as their surname. However if I search for "Roarty" I get no results at all. The same happens if I search for "Dave" I get results but "Dav" no results.

Its looks like partial words don't work. Is there a way to enable partial word matches as well?

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First thing Full-Text search does not support suffix search. So you cannot search using "*ave". Second regarding the uses of LIKE, LIKE AND FTS works differently. Look here for more detail.

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This MSDN Question/Answer better explains the functionality than I can, so I'll just link it here.

You basically want to be using CONTAINSTABLE if you want partial word matches.

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That allows me to do things like "Dav*" to return anything that starts with "Dav" including "Dave" but you cant do "*ave" as the * only works at the end. Plus it would require the users to enter this as their search string on the UI which I know they wont or write a function to format the string before its sent to SQL. Seems LIKE statements might suit this better. –  Jammy Oct 2 '13 at 14:06
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