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I've been searching around for a chart with interactive selection. The idea is you have a long narrow chart with a rectangle overlay which had a handle at each end, this overlay is effectively a selection of some data on the chart. You can expand the overlay to increase selection, also you can drag the overlay accross the charts x axis to move to a point in time.

There is a silverlight demo from Component one with the functionality I'm after (you have to click the chart icon for a stock in the grid to see the functionality I'm after). If possible something open source.

Here is another similar demo of the functionality here (but not complete functionality).

Then there is googles version.

I've seen lots of charts in my search, some links include (for others resources):

Any feedback or links would be fantastic,

thanks guys & girls.

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Check out amCharts Stock Chart for WPF and Silverlight. As far as I understand it does everything you are looking for and it's free (as long as you can live with link back in the corner).

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Thanks Alan, those are a good start, It'd be nice to get some open source tools adding this support.... hummm, might have a look. If anyone else has any ideas don’t be shy :) – Keith Dec 17 '09 at 9:06

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