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I'm looping through an array called fieldset.fields

Everything works fine, except when it comes to this:

type="{{field.type || 'text'}}"

most values work, 'like' test and 'asdf' but if i set the the field.type = file, and look in the inspector, it says type="text", removing the default attribute(type="{{field.type}}") doesn't help either.

sample array: { label: 'First Name', name: 'firstname', key: 'entry.810220554', type: 'text', required: true }, { label: 'Bild', name: 'image', key: 'entry.810220554', type: 'file', required: true },

full template:

        ng-repeat="field in fieldset.fields"
        <div class="fieldset" ng-switch-when="radio" class="options">
            <div class="radiobutton" ng-repeat="mylabel in field.labels">
                    ng-class='{ selected: (my_radio_button == }'
                <label for="{{}}">

            type="{{field.type || 'text'}}" 
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Looks like this is a problem in Chrome. Chrome cannot change the input type of a field to 'file' once it's created the element. Changing the type to Checkbox works, file is the only one I found that doesn't work yet..

I put your sample in a plnkr and it works fine in firefox:

But even if I manually tweak the input type to "file" in chrome devTools, it won't render a file input.

Solution: For now think your best solution is to actually create the element. This is pretty easy to do using a custom directive. It should be unnecessary but I think that's what you'll have to do.

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I created a bug for this: – Jonathan Rowny Oct 2 '13 at 14:36
And here's another fiddle to show it's not just Angular! – Jonathan Rowny Oct 2 '13 at 14:41

According to the selected answer here:

AngularJs: How to check for changes in file input fields?

There is no, or limited, binding support for file. This means that trying to bind to file is likely going to make for problems.

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