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The .net control has been referenced and added to the vb6 project. It also shows the events that I have in the interface. However, vb6 is not registering to the events and I do not know why. I have read several dozen articles on the subject, used code from a working .Net Control/vb6. This is my first round robin with Events so its probably something very small I'm missing, but here's the code:


[ComVisible (true)]
public interface ICustomerCreditControlEvents
    void Test();

public interface ICustomerCreditControl
    void SetAccount(string customerNumber, int generatorId);
    string CreditHold { get; }

public partial class CustomerCreditControl : UserControl, ICustomerCreditControl
     public delegate void TestEventHandler();
     public event TestEventHandler TestEvent;
    private static void Register(Type t)
        ComRegistration.RegisterControl(t, "");

    private static void Unregister(Type t)
    public CustomerCreditControl()
    public void SetAccount(string customerNumber, int generatorId)
        _customer = RCI.DataAccess.DataFactory.Current.AccountService.GetCustomer(customerNumber.Trim());           
        SetAccount(_customer, generatorId);
    public void btnNewSalesOrder_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (TestEvent != null)
            MessageBox.Show("Test Event Fired");
            MessageBox.Show("TestEvent = null");

        string[] SOI = {"a","b","c"};
        OnNewSalesOrder(ref SOI);


Private Sub customerCreditInfo_Test()
     MsgBox "Test 2"
End Sub

The vb6 code recognizes the test event, but it does not register to the event. The control is placed on a vb6 form. I have 'MsgBox "Test 2"' just as a test. The tlb is referenced by the project and the activeX is added to the toolbox components. I have unregistered this dll from windows and gone through and removed all instances from the registry. I am using regasm /register /codebase /tlb to register the dll.

Using Visual Studio 2008, .net 2.0 and compiling on a Windows 7 machine.

What am I missing?

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Try changing this line

   public event TestEventHandler TestEvent;


   public event TestEventHandler Test;

This is to match the event method definition in your source interface. Then fire the event as Test().

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Thanks, shortly after posting this I had seen this error and corrected it. Sometimes after looking at code you have to step away and look at it again :) Thanks for the response! – EZE Oct 3 '13 at 15:56

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