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I have :

 version = '0.2.0'

 uploadArchives {   
 artifacts {        
  archives file: someZipTask.destFile, name: 'com.testing.buil.test', type: 'zip', builtBy: zipInjectDll_32
 repositories {
  mavenDeployer {           
    repository(url: repositoryBaseURL+'/Trash') 
   authentication(userName: artifactory_user, password: artifactory_password)

and finaly I need file name in artifactory with merged : com.testing.buil.test + $version + someZipTask.destFile.name, in the folder $version. How to do it ?

I tried to add to the version someZipTask.destFile.name, but the folder was also changed to the $version + someZipTask.destFile.name

regards Chris

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The directory and file names in Artifactory follow the Maven repository layout, and are a function of three coordinates:

  • groupId: Typically set via project.group in Gradle.
  • artifactId: Typically set via project name in Gradle (in settings.gradle), or via project.archivesBaseName, or via the archive name configured for a particular archive task (someZipTask.baseName etc.).
  • version: Typically set via project.version in Gradle.

If you follow these guidelines, the artifacts block can be simplified to:

artifacts {
    archives someZipTask

com.testing.buil.test + $version + someZipTask.destFile.name doesn't follow the Maven repository layout, and you can't really have such a name in Artifactory (when used as a Maven repository).

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