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i have a .bash_favourites file which containes a list of my favourite commands.
I would like this be searchable via the normal bash history. ???



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I wanted a similar setup though I approached it differently exert from my project could be edited to force loading of your favorites first or optionally dynamically loaded with the bastory function

if [ "$today" = "$yesterday" ]; then
    cat ~/.bash_favourites > ~/.bash_history
    head --lines=-1  $bashHistory >> $HISTFILE
    touch $HOME/.bash/archive/$(date +%F --date="6 hours ago" ).bash_history
    cat ~/.bash_favourites > ~/.bash_history
    cat $HOME/.bash/archive/$(date +%F  --date="6 hours ago" ).bash_history >> $HISTFILE
    head --lines=-1  $bashHistory >> $HISTFILE

AS this is a old thread I will expand on this and incorporate it into my bashory project please refer comments on my answer to http://codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/32575/project-bashory-bash-history

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If you want to replace the regular history with your favorites: Do chmod u-w on .bash_history and edit it as you like. Bash should read it as usual but not add new commands.

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cat ~/.bash_favourites >> ~/.bash_history
history -r

If you want to make this permanent, you can probably just add these lines to ~/.bash_profile.

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