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I would like to compare a flow variable to a literal string and ignore the case of the variable. For example

<when expression="#[StringUtils.upperCase(flowVars['officeCode']) == 'REGION1']">

The error produced is [Error: could not access: StringUtils; in class: null] [Near : {... Unknown ....}]

I have also tried

<when expression="#[regex('[a-zA-Z0-9]+',flowVars['officeCode'],Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE) == 'REGION1']">

For the regex comparison, I receive the error "text is not a string"

Any help much appreciated.

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For the first one you need to fully qualify the StringUtils class i.e


Or you can import the class globally so you can reference it without the full qualifier using:

 <import class=”org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils” />

Alternatively you could just equalsIgnoreCase on String:

<when expression="#[flowVars['officeCode'].equalsIgnoreCase('REGION1')]">

As long as #[flowVars['officeCode'] is in fact a String

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Both work thanks! –  Dan Barber Oct 2 '13 at 14:54

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