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I'm trying to fetch a Polygon data from MySQL into my C# application.

I have exactly defined in one table the Polygon field where geodata holds.


SELECT GeometryType(GeomFromText(AsWKT(object))) as `type` FROM;


enter image description here

So the object in the table is fine and correctly defined.

There is a source code in C#:

And the main lines are (73-76):

//var polygon = (byte[])reader["object"];
//var obj = new MySqlGeometry(MySqlDbType.Blob, polygon);
var polygon = reader["object"].ToString();
var obj = MySqlGeometry.Parse(polygon);

I've commented, but this isn't an obstacle to tell you about both operations:

  • retrieving as BLOB with the next deserialization
  • parsing the fetched string via MySqlGeometry.Parse(System.String) method

BLOB retrieving

Well, I shall start with commented part of code, let's imagine, that these lines are uncommented and there aren't lines 75 and 76 with string parsing.

Also there is another correction, the SQL query which is sending to the MySQL server must look like:

SELECT AsWKB(object) as 'object' FROM

I've just changed in SQL query the function AsWKT() to the AsWKB() (from text to binary formatter at MySQL).

So, the result of this query would be:

enter image description here

At lines:

var polygon = (byte[])reader["object"];
var obj = new MySqlGeometry(MySqlDbType.Blob, polygon);

You are able to see that I'm fetching that BLOB object then converting it to the System.Byte[] array and only then I'm trying to build the MySqlGeomerty, but it's very pity and seems to be that MySQL libraries are identifying this object as a POINT, not a POLYGON.


enter image description here

But!!! I have exactly the POLYGON object in MySQL, by the next SQL query:

SELECT GeometryType(GeomFromText(AsWKT(object))) as `type`,
                    AsWKT(object) as `data` FROM


enter image description here

That was about the BLOB object.

Geometry parsing from System.String

Now... Let's imagine the original source with commented BLOB fetching.

Let's look at the lines:

var polygon = reader["object"].ToString();
var obj = MySqlGeometry.Parse(polygon);

And shall change the SQL query in the C# app source code to the:

SELECT AsWKT(object) as 'object' FROM

Yes... MySQL libraries for .NET are providing allegedly another style of geomerty bulding, from the System.String.

But, when I'm trying to parse the var polygon, which is retrieving correctly as you have seen above, I'm getting the next error:

System.FormatException: String does not contain a valid geometry value


enter image description here enter image description here

All these do look like, that MySQL libraries don't provide a full structures for the data binding from MySQL server.

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I also have asked the similar question at the MySQL official forum, it's here:,596620,596620

One man from Oracle team... Roberto Ezequiel Garcia Ballesteros has answered me that MySQL .NET driver doesn't support such a type of geometry currently:,596620,596746#msg-596746

Hi Oleg,

I'm afraid we are supporting only Point and not Polygon. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Cheers, Roberto

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