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I have at the moment a program that sends out notifications to users via email, the email contains some links to do things, and I need a link that will go to a page (or a web service, or a page that calls a web service), that will need to construct a file (using a Stream or StringBuilder) that is then downloaded to the client and executed so as to place the task into the clients Outlook Calender.

I have tried to look into .osd files, but cannot find where Outlook saves a simple set of files that I could replicate. And I can't use the Outlook APIs because there is of course no code on the clients machine.

I have found examples of how to create Meeting entries in Outlook, which is already used elsewhere, and a similar format (I assume) can be used to create Outlook Tasks, so if anyone knows the specifics to accomplish this using that approach, that would be better :)

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