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I have a modal box that I populate with content that is loaded with ajax jQuery .load() function. The main problem is that I cant execute another function only after the ajax content, like: images, text etc., are fully loaded inside the hidden modal.

For example: I need to center the modal box depending on its width & height like this:

    var modalbox = $('.modalbox');

        function centermodal(a){                    

            overlayWidth = a.width(),
            overlayHeight = a.height();


            a.show(); //show the box                    


Then I execute this function inside the load but it wont calculate the correct height of the modal if it would contain images or any extra content:


I believe I need to create some sort of the loader or make a check of loaded content before showing. Maybe someone could suggest a solution?

Thank you.

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The jQuery Deferred object is the tool for this job. Use the deferred.done() function to call a function when the AJAX call is complete.

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