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I have form elements:

<tr><td>Number</td><td><input type='text' name='number[]' id='number[]'></td></tr>
<tr><td>Number</td><td><input type='text' name='number[]' id='number[]'></td></tr>

I want to pass the values of this array to jquery for ajax processing.

jquery doesnt like $('#numbers[]') as an id.

I have also tried

for (a = 0;$a<5;$a++)
 <tr><td>Number</td><td><input type='text' name='number[$a]' id='number[$a]'></td></tr>

but that doesnt work either.


fails as well...

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HTML id attributes should be unique for entire document. –  Num6 Oct 2 '13 at 15:57

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[ and ] are special characters in jQuery selectors. You need to escape them:


Also, your second solution is the correct one, since element ids must be unique.

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Don't use brackets when you try to retrieve the data and serialize the field.

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nevermind, this was duplicated in SO 300 times, found the answer in that I should use the

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