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I am creating web application with facebook login. And i have a problem with stylizing login button. The default facebook login button is inside iframe and my css styles doesn't aply to this element. I tried also to use jquery .click() function to trigger hidden button but it doesn't work too.

this is default facebook button:
default facebook loginn button
and this is the final effect what I want to achieve:
enter image description here
this button is already in my html, it looks great but it doesn't work because default button must be clicked. My question are:
1)Is there any way to stylize facebook login button?
2)How to trigger working click event on facebook button using jquery?

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Have a look at this. Hope it'll help – Vedant Terkar Oct 2 '13 at 15:57
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Answer to you first question:

Of course, you can stylize the Login Button. One way of doing it is my using a custom image and writing your own Javascript to mimic the functionality.

Have a look at this related question "How to change facebook login button with my custom image" for more details.

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