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I'd like to filter my products in spree by many properties I have code:

Spree::Product.add_search_scope :master_filer do |*opts|

      rarity_conds = opts.map {|o| ProductFilters.rarity_filter[:conds][o]}.reject { |c| c.nil? }
      rarity_scope = rarity_conds.shift
      rarity_conds.each do |new_scope|
        rarity_scope = rarity_scope.or(new_scope)

      color_conds = opts.map {|o| ProductFilters.color_filter[:conds][o]}.reject { |c| c.nil? }
      color_scope = color_conds.shift          
      color_conds.each do |new_scope|
        color_scope = color_scope.or(new_scope)

      additional_conds = opts.map {|o| ProductFilters.additional_filter[:conds][o]}.reject { |c| c.nil? }
      additional_scope = additional_conds.shift  
      additional_conds.each do |new_scope|
        additional_scope = additional_scope.or(new_scope)

      Spree::Product.where{id.in(Spree::Product.where(color_conds).joins(:product_properties)) & id.in(Spree::Product.where(rarity_scope).joins(:product_properties)) & id.in(Spree::Product.where(additional_conds).joins(:product_properties))}


rarity_scope, color_scope and additional_scope are Arel::Node::Equality but I only get error

undefined method `%' for #<Arel::Nodes::Equality:0x000000077a38f0>
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