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I have got several mp3 files added as raw resource to my project. I would like to play them with AudioPlayer. I had FileNotfoundException and I backtraced it to find that the files can be found but they are not readable: mp1.stop(); mp1.reset();

    playedSound = R.raw.sip02;
    String str = getResources().getString(playedSound);
    File file = new File(str);
    boolean readable = file.canRead();      //returns TRUE
    readable = file.canRead();              //returns TRUE
    FileInputStream inputStream = null;
                try {
        inputStream = new FileInputStream(file);
        } catch (FileNotFoundException e1) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
        e1.printStackTrace();                 //enters this branch

I cannot call file.setReadable() because I use API level 7.

My manifest:

   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   <manifest xmlns:android=""
       android:versionName="1.0" >

           android:targetSdkVersion="8" />

           android:theme="@style/AppTheme" >
               android:label="@string/app_name" >
                   <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />

                   <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />

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you want to play mp3?? – Vaibs_Cool Oct 2 '13 at 16:37
I think the problem is not with the mp3 playing. I was able to play mp3 with this code in another app. In this particular situation I found that the mp3 is not readable. – user1105818 Oct 2 '13 at 16:46
getResources().getString(playedSound); returns a String from strings.xml, not a path to a file from raw – njzk2 Oct 2 '13 at 16:51
No, it does not. It returns "res/raw/sip02.mp3" – user1105818 Oct 2 '13 at 18:27


  MediaPlayer mPlayer = MediaPlayer.create(PlayWorld.this, R.raw.your_mp3);
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I already created the mediaplayer formerly. Actualy I want it to play a different sound than It was playing before. I would presume that you can call mPlayer.create() only once. – user1105818 Oct 2 '13 at 16:42

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