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I have to develop a scheduler that would run in a clustered environment on Websphere

I do not wish to store the job in the db as the timing for the job is stored in the properties file.

The job has to run once a day and I would not mind if it runs twice on both nodes

will using a RAM job store to schedule work or would it create some unforseen issues

Websphere 7 Quartz 1.8.6

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RAM implementation itself can't be enabled to Cluster environment.

WebSphere Application Server has Scheduling Service. You can easy to use it. It works in Cluster environment perfectly.

You can also use Asynchronous beans. IBM doc.

As IBM article said:

Packages, such as quartz and the JDK Timer, start unmanaged threads and should be avoided.
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answer is useful but not what I was looking for .. Thanks – ankurbajaj9 Oct 17 '13 at 15:26

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