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Is there any way to setup mysql in place of mnesia. any help on this is much appreciated. Everything for me went on fine. Also I need to archive the history text.

Thanks in advance Abraham

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Check out these links: (Skip the first part about the erlang driver)

I sucesfully setup message archiving on a windows machine after some work, but still need to document the process...

The basic process is get the mod_archive_odbc files from the ejabberd SVN as described in the first link. Compiel the .erl file and put the .beam file in your lib//ebin directory. (For windows binary installs, put the .erl file into the /bin directory of your ejabberd installation and run (third link):

erlc -I includes/ejabberd/include mod_<name>.erl

After you place the .beam file, you should follow the directions for setting up mysql native DB, run the mod_archive_odbc_mysql.sql script on your mysql ejabberd DB, configure e-jabberd and then restart the server. (Note: if you don't migrate the mnesia data, you will have to manually re-create the admin user.)

Good Luck!

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It seems you can. Read here.

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is my answer satisfactory? – jldupont Dec 17 '09 at 3:17
Hey thanks for your help. Yes, I think 50% it was helpful .. and I am yet to get a reply for 2nd part. – Abraham Durairaj Dec 17 '09 at 4:53
I know this is more than 4 years old answer, but I downvoted because there's no additional explanation in your answer besides a broken link. – melvkim Feb 28 '14 at 3:46

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