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import os, os.path
from whoosh.index import create_in
from whoosh.fields import *
schema = Schema(title=TEXT(stored=True), path=ID(stored=True), content=TEXT)

if not os.path.exists("indexdir"):

ix = create_in("indexdir", schema)
writer = ix.writer()
writer.add_document(title=u"First document", path=u"/a",
                 content=u"This is the first document we've added!")
writer.add_document(title=u"Second document", path=u"/b",
                 content=u"The second one is even more interesting!")
from whoosh.qparser import QueryParser

with ix.searcher() as searcher:
    query = QueryParser("content", ix.schema).parse("first")
    results =

It looks okay, but it is not displaying any results.

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Well you don't have any print statements in it. What did you expect it to display? – David Robinson Oct 2 '13 at 17:21

Python requires you to explicitly print output by using print:

print results[0]

Note however that the above code is for Python 2.x. In Python 3.x, print was converted into a function:

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I think you want you last line to be:

print results[0]

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