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Slowly moving into scala. Can either of these be done (apparently not the way I have them here)?

def genericFunc(param1:String, param2:String, specificFunc(param2:SpecficType):[T]):[T] =
    val interim:SpecificType = makeSpecificType(param1,param2)

def genericFunc(param1:String, param2:String,specificFunc(param2:SpecficType):Object):Object ={
    val interim:SpecificType = makeSpecificType(param1,param2)

or does the specificFunc need to be a trait/interface.

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See also "What's the difference between => , ()=>, and Unit=>" for different kinds of functions you can pass-in –  om-nom-nom Oct 2 '13 at 19:45

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To pass a function as an argument to another function you should have a following method signature:

def genericFunc[T](param1:String, param2:String, specificFunc: SpecficType => T): T = ???

SpecficType => T - is a function type which means that it needs a function which takes one argument of type SpecficType and returns a value of generic type T. Example:

def fromString[A](str: String, f: String => A) = f(str)

fromString("hello", str => str.toCharArray.sum.toInt)

you can optimize this futher:

fromString("hello", _.toCharArray.sum.toInt)

in this case fromString is a higher-order function. HOF are functions which can:

  • take another function as an argument
  • return a function

All this stuff is perfectly described in prof. Odersky book on - Programming in Scala

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Excellent, thank you. Clearly a closer reading is in order. –  user1286546 Oct 3 '13 at 19:31

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