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I want to create a System.Drawing.Color from a value like #FF00FF or FF00FF without needing to write code for that. There is any .NET built-in parser for that?

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You can use the System.Drawing.ColorTranslator static method FromHtml.


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It is rather easy when you use the Convert-Class. The ToInt32 function has an overload with a second parameter which represents the base the string is in.

using System.Drawing

Color yourColor = Color.FromARGB(Convert.ToInt32("FF00FF", 16));
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Use the ColorConverter class:

var converter = System.ComponentModel.TypeDescriptor.GetConverter( typeof( Color ) );
color = converter.ConvertFromString( "#FF00FF" );

This can also convert from the standard named colors e.g. ConvertFromString( "Blue" )

See here for a discussion of the standard .NET type conversion mechanisms.

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The FromName method worked for me

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This is not working for .NET 3.5 – UNeverNo Feb 7 '14 at 10:13

If the color you want to use is a constant, in C# use System.Drawing.Color.FromArgb (0xFF00FF). That is slightly faster than System.Drawing.Color.FromName or System.Drawing.Color.FromHtml, since the parsing from a string to integer is done at compile time rather than at runtime.

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