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I'm jus following the tutorial. It demonstrates the use of Graphics. It says

[Windows users: For this example to work interactively on Windows, you will need to create a custom toplevel. Issue the command ocamlmktop -o ocaml-graphics graphics.cma from the command line.]

I don't exactly what it means.

I have corresponding source code in "D:\MySourceCode\OCaml\2.Graphics.ml". My cmd has entered OCaml environment. Now what should I do?

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On my machine OCaml is installed in C:\OCaml and its libraries to C:\OCaml\lib. If I change directory to C:\OCaml\lib and execute C:\OCaml\bin\ocamlmktop.exe -o graphics-toplevel.exe graphics.cma I get graphics-toplevel executable with built-in Graphics module. I can use Graphics.open_graph "640x480" directly without loading OCaml Graphics library.

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I see...The tutorial produced ocaml-graphics without extension, so I don't know what it is. –  LoveRight Oct 2 '13 at 22:05

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