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I am trying to programmatically query for information from the installer project. This information is defined in the installer and I don't want to duplicate it in code. I need to get the Publisher installer property (and a few others), but can't seem to get things to work.

I am querying using:

[DllImport("msi.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Unicode)]
private static extern Int32 MsiGetProductInfo(
    string product, 
    string property, 
    [Out] StringBuilder valueBuf, 
    ref Int32 len);


int length = 512;
StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder(length);
var result = MsiGetProductInfo(
    ref length);

Using RegEdit, I can see an uninstallable product:


And this is my application with a "Publisher" key that is what I expect. I am not sure why the "_is1" suffix is there. The installer was made using Inno Setup, maybe that is related. I have tried adding this suffix on the product code in the call to MsiGetProductInfo but it had no effect.

The call returns 1605 which is ERROR_UNKNOWN_PRODUCT.

How do I properly query for the publisher of this product?

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The MSI API is only useful for MSI-based installations. Inno Setup does not create MSI packages so you can't use the MSI API to query about Inno Setup installations.

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I guess it is time to add registry keys then. Thanks Bob, I needed that. –  PatrickV Oct 3 '13 at 14:26

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