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I'm using the Hibernate implementation of JPA 2.0 to create a counter in a table row. I'm using MySQL 5.5 with the InnoDB engine. I am trying to lock the counter row so that no processes outside the JVM can view that counter until my code has incremented it. My code looks like this:

  //inside a Transaction....

  //key is an enum
  final PropertyKey key = PropertyKey.DEPLOY_COUNTER;
  final Query query =
     entityManager.createQuery("FROM Property s where propertyKey = :key").setParameter("key", key);
  LOG.debug("Blocking (maybe) while waiting to update deploy counter");
  final Property counterAsProperty = (Property) query.getSingleResult();

     //while sleeping I use MySQL cli to check value of property in database
  catch (InterruptedException e)

  //in java, increment counter by one and then save in db

I use Thread.sleep() to pause the code in the middle of the transaction. While the thread is sleeping, I use the MySQL CLI client to log into the database and check the value of the property. That session looks something like this:

user@mypc [user]> begin work;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

user@mypc [user]> select * from property where property_key = 'DEPLOY_COUNTER';
| id | version | encrypted | property_key       | property_value |
| 10 |       0 |         0 | DEPLOY_COUNTER     | 66             |   

Notice how the query returns immediately(0.00 sec) when I expected it to block until the thread had quit sleeping and the transaction completed. My understanding of LockModeType.PESSIMISTIC_WRITE is that it should put the retrieved row in an exclusive lock, unavailable for reading or writing by another transaction.

NOTE: updates to this row do block while the thread is sleeping.

Why can another DB connection view the data when the other transaction is running if I've set PESSIMISTIC_WRITE lock mode?

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The default InnoDB isolation level is REPEATABLE READ, which allows transactions without the exclusive lock to read (but not update) the locked record. This allowed other transactions to do non-dirty reads on the record. SERIALIZABLE appears to prevent any reads on a locked record. You can set the isolation level when setting up the hibernate connection properties with hibernate.connection.isolation, although this would affect all connections, not a cost I was willing to pay. This SO post indicates a way to do it per connection, but the approach requires deprecated methods: JPA and MySQL transaction isolation level

I wound up using one of the

UPDATE counter SET value = LAST_INSERT_ID(value + 1);

approaches cited here: http://tedyoung.me/2011/04/14/jpa-counters-and-sequences/, which didn't require any locking.

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