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I have been picking away at this, though thought I would reach out for some advice, if I may, I am fairly new to AJAX.

Right, I am using the django framework, I post the data to the server, which works great, then receive some data back on the callback function, which works, though I want this to be in JSON format so I can populate a table. Currently it either renders in plain text or the browser asks me to download the json data, meaning somethings not quite catching on the $.get part. My code is:

  if request.POST:
  est_show = login_a.test()
  return HttpResponse(est_show, content_type='application/json')

     <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).on("submit","#these_choices",function (event) {
     var data_form = $('#these_choices').serialize();

   if(data_form) {
      type: "POST",
      url: "{% url Create_this %}",
      data: {'test':'test','csrfmiddlewaretoken': '{{ csrf_token }}'},
      success: function(){
        jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
        $.get('{% url Create_this %}', function(data) {

      error: function(){
        alert('error !!!!');

else {
  alert('error elsewhere');

 event.defaultPrevented(); //not running PreventDefault returns json using defaultPrevented returns json and doesnt render anything when this is blanked out...
 return false;

It also seems the alert(data[0]) is being ran before the json data is being received in the browser. Any advice will be appreciated?

Many thanks

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Try setting the mimetype in the HttpResponse to application/json. When you don't specify a dataType in the ajax request, JQuery automatically tries to infer it based on the mimetype of the response.

return HttpResponse(est_show, mimetype='application/json')

Alternatively, you can set the dataType to json to tell JQuery to expect json.

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