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crosspost: https://orchard.codeplex.com/discussions/460996

I'm using Orchard CMS 1.6.1

I added a new field to the hidden part of a Content Type via migrations:

ContentDefinitionManager.AlterPartDefinition("EventItem", builder => builder
                .WithField("HiddenEvent", cfg => cfg
                    .WithDisplayName("Set as a Hidden Event")
                    .WithSetting("BooleanFieldSettings.Hint","Check to hide this Event from all default views (calendar, list, map, etc.)")));

My biggest question is whether it would be possible to set a default value for all existing Content Items. I tried this, but it doesn't seem to work:

var publishedEventItems = _contentManager.Query().ForType("EventItem").ForVersion(VersionOptions.Published).List();

            if (publishedEventItems != null)
                foreach (var eventItem in publishedEventItems)
                    _eventDataService.SetFieldValue<bool>(eventItem, "HiddenEvent", false);


I need to do this because I will be updating queries, functions, etc to take the new field as a filter/flag. Having the field as undefined is going to cause some problems.

Which actually leads me to a couple of other questions regarding Orchard Queries:

  1. What is the best way to fetch/get/retrieve an existing Orchard Query? I used the titlepart to get the ID but I'm not sure if that is best.
  2. Is it possible to use NOT conditionals for values in a Query FilterRecord? To explain further, I want this because a boolean field has 3 values: undefined, true or false. If I set the filter to finding items which are false, it abandons items which have undefined values. But if I set it to NOT true, I will get items which are both undefined and false.

Here is my code (doesn't seem to work as well):

var upcomingEventQueryRecord = _titleRepository.Fetch(t => t.Title == "Upcoming Events").FirstOrDefault().ContentItemRecord;

            if (upcomingEventQueryRecord != null && upcomingEventQueryRecord.ContentType.Name == "Query")
                var filterHiddenRecord = new FilterRecord
                    Category = "EventItemContentFields",
                    Type = "EventItem.HiddenEvent",
                    Description = "Event not Hidden",
                    Position = 2,
                    State = "<Form><Description>Event not Hidden</Description><Value>No</Value></Form>"

                var upcomingEventsQuery = _contentManager.Get(upcomingEventQueryRecord.Id);
                var filterGroup = upcomingEventsQuery.As<QueryPart>().FilterGroups.FirstOrDefault();


Any piece of advise or information would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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