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Over Google Application Engine, I want to add Yahoo, Google & Facebook login options for the users in my application.

Since Facebook does not support federated login using openid, how could I implement login option for all facebook, yahoo & google using JavaScript in my application?

Is OAuth only way to implement all three facebook, yahoo & google login options? If Yes, is there any sample code to refer to implement using a. java script + google cloud endpoints? b. java servlets?

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There are a variety of toolkits out there that should help you; for example, have a look at If you have to roll it yourself, talking to FB/G/Y at the raw HTTP/JSON level is not actually that hard. In the case of Google there’s the Google+ Sign-In widget that is pretty slick, and FB of course has similar stuff.

It’s not java servlet, but in there’s Ruby source code for doing OAuth authentication to Google, FB, and Microsoft Live (but not Yahoo)

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