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Summary: I have to fill in a report using data from Excel in Word Template. Problem: I am trying to write a macro which will search some variables in pre-defined template (doc) and replace these variables with data from excel. The variables are nothing but some text like <-Date->, <-Author-> (self-created). There are also some Tables and Sections that needs to be duplicated from the Word Template depending on the Excel Data. For Example
I’ll need to make 3 more Sections for Dates. Because Word

Excel 03-10-2013 04-10-2013 05-10-2013

After Macro 1. 03-10-2013

  1. 04-10-2013

  2. 05-10-2013

Thanks in advance.

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You do not need macros at all for this, MailMerge works extremely well to import and auto generate word documents from Excel for this very reason - and it's built right into Word:

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