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I am using Hello.js to access/post social network data. Hello.JS standardizes paths and responses to common API's.This question in particular is about posting to twitter.

On twitter demo page, I logged in with the button and tried hello.api in firebug console. I am able to get the response for

>>> hello.api('/me',function(resp) {console.log(resp);})

and able to see the response object in console. While '/me/share' doesn't seem to work, here is the cmd

>>> hello.api('/me/share','post',{message:'Hi to all'},
  function(resp) {

for above reques the response is

{"errors":[{"code":170,"message":"Missing required parameter: status"}]}

while I see in the Post data as


and Params are

access_token    1690287512-eB8IocvynmqSmnMlpxoh0VBJxWhff86sYHTBqKo:DRT4zO8pTbMjY8yblG9RtSqRMD3oKEyP8kAGG6cpo9w@eQuyZuECKWPiv3D7E4qdg

The Hello.js uses auth-server for server side OAuth authentication and authorization. And auth-server is implimentation of node-oauth-shim

Any hint what could be going wrong? Well this may be very vague question.

So my second question to be very specific. In node-oauth-shim proxy is used to request to twiiter. In proxy.js if somebody can help me how to debug if it sends the data to twitter with request or not. Somewhere in code can I do the console log what request(with data) is being sent to twitter?

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This was an implementation bug with Twitter, it was fixed by HelloJS twitter module moving the POST BODY into the URL. e.g.

Demo is at

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