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Nowadays, I am found the lots of thing available but we should download and update the composer.phar and it will download something in apps and after that we can run the application. so what is the purpose of the composer.phar and why should it is required to update. any specific reason for that?

Yesterday, I have download the PayPal Classic Library for PHP "MerchantAPI" for DoDirectPayment purpose when I have configured but and run message given RUN "composer update" after I have download latest composer using curl and run php composer.phar update and it will download the verndor folder and other libraries inside for paypal and after I am able to run.

Please help me.

EDIT: As per my thinking composer is more useful when dependencies required to our project. For Instance:

PayPal has REST API They will provide the API Library and Examples for different Web Services Those web service access by using some Custom library given by PayPal like using CURL Based which will provide the number of Classes and Methods to use by us for access PayPal Libraries.

Suppose paypal has this Web service

PaymentWebService - Method1 - Method2

So, they will provide the latest Library for that when we update the composer.

now suppose they added another method called - Method3 but we have not that 3rd Method include in our library but we can get this in our currenet library by using composer update ?

Am I right here????

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Composer is a tool to manage dependencies in php. You were required to run composer update to download the libraries that the paypal library requires to run.

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Basically it is use for dependencies resolve? –  AshwinP Oct 3 '13 at 5:27
Please read the documentation first. If there are specific questions left, you can ask them here. –  Sven Oct 6 '13 at 23:56

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