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Can Google Cloud Messaging be used with an SL4A script in Android (specifically, one in Python)? From the instructions on implementing a GCM client it is clear that the client would require several special permissions, but those could be included if the app is packaged separately following the instructions here. Registering a broadcast receiver for GCM messages should be possible using the eventRegisterforBroadcast API call. But it is not clear if the GCM specific APIs can be called from an SL4A app, or if there is any other way to access them.

I cannot find much about this elsewhere either; the only reference is in this discussion thread, where the poster says "I do not believe that SL4A and similar Python frameworks will be up to the task of implementing an Android GCM client, but I may be wrong."

A module named python-gcm exists, but that is purely for the server side.

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