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in my custom templates pagination is applied on it. the list that show on page is much bigger than i used pagination on it. the limit to display the list is wroking properly but when i click on the next button than it go on the else condition.

views.py :-

def search(request):
    if request.method == 'POST':
        getchoice = request.POST['userchoice']
        getfirstdate = request.POST['firstdate']
        getseconddate = request.POST['seconddate']

        if getchoice == '0':
            getdata = applicationform.objects.filter(date__gte=getfirstdate , date__lte=getseconddate)
            ##### PAGINATION
            searchpagination = Paginator(getdata ,5)
            page = request.GET.get('searchpage')
                searchcontacts = searchpagination.page(page)
            except PageNotAnInteger:
                searchcontacts = searchpagination.page(1)
            except EmptyPage:
                searchcontacts = searchpagination.page(searchpagination.num_pages)  

            if getdata:
                return render_to_response('registration/search_page.html', {'getdata':getdata ,'getchoice':getchoice ,'searchcontacts': searchcontacts})    
                return HttpResponse('NO ITEMS FOUND ON THIS DATE')
    else :  
            return render_to_response('registration/search_page.html')

custom template:-

{% if searchcontacts.has_previous %}
<a href="?searchpage={{ searchcontacts.previous_page_number }}">PREVIOUS</a>
{% endif %}
{% if searchcontacts.has_next %}    
<a href="?searchpage={{ searchcontacts.next_page_number }}">NEXT</a>
{% endif %} 
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Click on NEXT will be GET request and hence it is going in else section.

To continue search for next page, either you need to store search parameters in the session or pass it through url. And then use that in filter() query.

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