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Hi i'm trying to play a specifc song for example if i have a list with 100 songs i want to play the song #20

to do this i use the following code

private void playSong(int n)
    IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings["currentSong"] = n;

    if (BackgroundAudioPlayer.Instance.PlayerState == PlayState.Playing)




And then in my AudioPlayer.cs i get the song

//get the song
currentSong = (int)IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings["currentSong"];

It works fine but it takes too much time to load the song.

so please is there any other way to do this?


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Shouldn't really take long to load it if you know the location and file name of the song. Show the code snippet that gets the song by the index. –  Den Delimarsky Oct 4 '13 at 14:08

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