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Since upgrading to GAE 1.8, I'm getting scattered ids when annotating with @Id in Objectify:

private Long id;

Even though I understand the need for scattered ids in terms of avoiding hotspots on the cloud platform, is there a way in Objectify to get the old incremental ids back? Having to display a hexatridecimal value (like 1DZENH6BSOW) in the UI to avoid that massive generated 64bit id just doesn't cut it.

I'm happy to have a secondary annotation @IdLegacy working in conjunction with the @Id, then @Id will still generate the long id and I can use the legacy id for display purposes.


Inside my construtor, I have a simple piece of code that allocates an id if ones doesn't exist:

if (getId() == null){
    ObjectifyFactory f = new ObjectifyFactory();
    Key<MyEntity> key = f.allocateId(MyEntity.class);
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As far as I know, Objectify passes along the App Engine Datastore's scattered id behavior.

A quick check of the Objectify issue tracker doesn't show that anyone has yet made a request for incremental ids. Submit a request to the Objectify devs. http://code.google.com/p/objectify-appengine/issues/list

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Thanks Dave, I'll submit a request. –  Jan Vladimir Mostert Oct 3 '13 at 9:49

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