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I am working on a virtual printer that converts various files to PDF format.

As you know Microsoft introduced Device Stage Experience in Windows 7, which is a nice way to customize the user's experience when interacting with your device. I have downloaded and installed their development kit, only to quickly find out that everything relates to the hardware ID of your device.

Is there any way to create a Device Stage Experience for a virtual device (like our virtual printer, which has a null hardware id)?


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Take a look at the Windows Device Experience development pack. as far as I know you can create a Device Stage for any device. The fact it is virtual is known only to you as the dev of the driver. Windows does not treat them differently.

There's also a good overview on how to do it here.

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WinPcap can give you some hint, you can get the source here.
It creates a virtual ethernet adapter to catch the inbound / outbound packets. You can pick the logic from it.

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I am sorry but I cannot see the device installed in Devices and Printers, from where you open the Device Stage view for the installed devices. Any trick I should know? – Mihai Cozma Jun 9 '11 at 15:36

The only way to do this would be to have your virtual device have a non-null hardware ID. Which would doubtless create other issues - you'd need an increased level of hardware faking, no doubt.


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