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Hi i am new to python i am able to connect to the serial port device & want to know any changes are happened in the device (i want catch the event if any button is press in the device) How can i do this.With The help of pyHook in python i am able to find the keyboard events and mouse events with calling the functions "OnKeyboardEvent" & "OnMouseEvent" how to catch the any serial port device events.Is there any thing in python OnSerailportdeviceEvent function.

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There is no built-in library for using serial ports in Python, you need to use the PySerial library, and then, you just read data from the serial port line by line and see if that line contains data; if it does it means that something changed on your serial device (a button press, for example).

Here's a few links that will help you using that library :

Official PySerial documentation

Blog post that may be useful to you

Question on StackOverflow about PySerial with some helpful answers.

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I am able do with reading reading line by line data continuously but i don't want to go with this continuous process, i want to catch OnchangeEvent, is it possible to get the data only when button is pressed –  PSSR Oct 3 '13 at 6:47
I don't think that is possible with a serial port. –  André Daniel Oct 3 '13 at 6:51
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