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I'm having trouble getting the right content in my TinyMCE editor. The scenario is like this: Admin fills in a Form, the form is splitted up in 3 pages (switching with jquery). First page he enters the information (name, company name etc.) of his customers. Last page he can send an e-mail to them. The TinyMCE textarea has prefixed text, and in between that text, I want the name of the customer as soon as the admin fills in the name on the first page. It works with

    var info_name = this.value;

But then there is no prefixed text, because the text has to be between the prefix. Just a raw example of what I want:

<div page1>
    <input name="name">blablabla</input>
<div page3>
        dear $name,
        prefix text

I made a hidden div with the prefix content, and the name of the customer, to extract the total content from the div, and insert it into the TinyMCE, but I keep getting has no method 'replace' in console.

    var info_name = this.value;
    var mailcontent = $('div#message-hidden').val;


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Say your HTML is

<p><input type="text" name="first_name" class="test" /></p>

<textarea>Your content here.</textarea>

<div class="dummy">Your __NAME__ here!</div>

This JS will set the content of active TinyMCE editor when the text input changes


$(document).on('change', $('input.test'), function(){
   dummy_html = $('div.dummy').html();
   editor_content = dummy_html.replace("__NAME__", $('input.test').val());

Working example here

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Exactly what I needed! Many thanks! – user2841592 Oct 3 '13 at 9:18

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