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I upgraded to sbt 0.13 and this issue started to pop out. I've found explaination here:!topic/simple-build-tool/MoApqIwx4R0

I'm still looking for the solution.

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You can ignore the conflict by setting:

conflictWarning := ConflictWarning.disable,

It might be possible to resolve the conflict by configuring the conflict manager. SBT 0.13's conflict management is described here. If you want one of the predefined conflict managers, they are defined in the ConflictManager object:

object ConflictManager {
    val all = ConflictManager("all")
    val latestTime = ConflictManager("latest-time")
    val latestRevision = ConflictManager("latest-revision")
    val latestCompatible = ConflictManager("latest-compatible")
    val strict = ConflictManager("strict")
    val default = latestRevision

For example, to select the latest version (by revision string), you would add the following to your project's settings:

conflictManager := ConflictManager.latestRevision
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From the linked thread in the original question: "Due to the limitations of the pom format, it is not possible to handle [cross-version conflicts] in the normal resolution phase, where it could be properly resolved with error in favor of the _2.10 variants. Instead, sbt checks after resolution and gives an error, which is better than having duplicates on the classpath." – Mark Harrah Oct 5 '13 at 17:31

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