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that's a part of my build.xml

<property name="dir.ivy" value="${user.home}/.ivy2" description="Local Ivy Repository" />

<target name="retrieve" depends="clean,init">

    <!-- Resolve dependencies -->
    <ivy:resolve file="ivy.xml"/>
    <ivy:retrieve type="jar" conf="${ivy.configuration}" pattern="${dir.ivy}/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]"/>

    <!-- Update classpath -->


After i downloaded the dependencies, defined in my ivy.xml, from artifactory or maven i would like to add them to my project classpath without adding them manually from Project - Configure Build Path... and without compiling my classes.

Any ideas?

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The cachepath task can be used create an ivy managed classpath.

For an example see:

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Finally i've found a solution, i used the Apache IvyDE plugin for eclipse to update the project classpath.

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