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I am trying to user draggable and droppable functionality. I have so many folders and want to move folders one folder to another as in all folders are in the form of li elements like:

<div id="test">

I have used below code to drag and drop. when doing drap and drop the li elements position is not moving instead in styles top and left are added. I want to remove the li element and to add at target elements where droped.

     $('#test ul li').draggable({
      cursor: 'move'          
    $('#test ul li').droppable({});

Below is the image from Folder Structure will be like below:

enter image description here

I dont' want to move inbox,archieve, sent, deleted folders. but want to move the folder under those item. Like "sdfsdf" folder from Deleted to Sent.

How this can be achieved.

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Check out this lnk :… – krish Oct 3 '13 at 10:09
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This JSFiddle should be what you are looking for. It implements a very basic drag drop functionality that does not include the top level list items.

It uses the below code :

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#test ul li ul li').draggable({
      revert: "invalid", // when not dropped, the item will revert back to its initial position
      containment: "document",
      helper: "clone",
      cursor: 'move'          
    $("#test ul li ul").droppable({
      hoverClass: "droppable-hover",
      activeClass: "ui-state-highlight",
      drop: function( event, ui ) {
        var $item = ui.draggable;

This code makes all sub items draggable and all sub lists droppable, but it ignores the initial level items. When you drag an item to a new UL it will append the item to that list which will remove it from the previous list.

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Use the "disable" method to disable a particular element's drag option

$( ".selector" ).draggable( "disable" );
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You can just filter out the element you not want.

For example:

// select only sub list
$('#test ul li li').draggable();
$('#test ul li li').dropable();
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