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I have a structure a bit like


I want to move game_sounds into sounds without losing history, but it contains some unversioned files which need to stay unversioned.

Is there a SVN command that can do this in one operation, if so what would I do... and if not what would I do then?

(using svn client 1.6)

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Probably the simplest way is to do the move server-side:

svn mv http://server/repos/work_dir/resources/game_sounds

Next time you update it'll move the folder and all of the versioned files in your working copy too. It will leave the unversioned files in the old game_sounds folder so you'll have to move those across manually.

It'd be safest to commit and outstanding changes you have in game_sounds first - I'm not sure if you'd end up with regular conflicts or tree conflicts otherwise.

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