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I have a asp.net page - it renders a number of custom controls, within the main page - I have a asp.net Textbox - in certain cases it has to be editable in others it has to be read only. For the most part it is all working as expected. There is a small bug I am having difficulty with.

enter image description here

So in my Previous Year column the values rendering should only be 1, 2, 3, 0 - etc - as you can see for some reason when rendering the markup it creates this markup:

<td id="ctl00_ctl00_PartContentPlaceHolderMain_ContentPlaceHolderMain_ctl00_ctrlComparison_ctrlComparisonCars1_ctl06">
                        <input name="ctl00$ctl00$PartContentPlaceHolderMain$ContentPlaceHolderMain$ctl00$ctrlComparison$ctrlComparisonCars1$tbPreviousNoManualCars" type="text" value="1" disabled="disabled" id="ctl00_ctl00_PartContentPlaceHolderMain_ContentPlaceHolderMain_ctl00_ctrlComparison_ctrlComparisonCars1_tbPreviousNoManualCars" class="tbPreviousNumber ui-widget-content ui-corner-all" style="width:50px;display:none;"><span>1</span><span>1</span>                     

So the problem being the double span that is generated. In my main page that renders this control I want to do something like:

        var test = $("#ctl00_ctl00_PartContentPlaceHolderMain_ContentPlaceHolderMain_ctl00_ctrlComparison_ctrlComparisonCars1_PreviousNoManualCars").children().find('span').val();

However my alert says undefined. Is it possible to remove one of these spans using something similar to the above?

Also is there a better way to get the id that will be rendered - I have just pulled the exact one on screen from Developer Tools just for testing to try and get this working.


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You have used val(), but it should be text() , since it is not a input element, its span

also use next()

 var test = $("#ctl00_ctl00_PartContentPlaceHolderMain_ContentPlaceHolderMain_ctl00_ctrlComparison_ctrlComparisonCars1_tbPreviousNumberNoManualCars")
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Hi Murali - thanks for your reply - I used the following - $("#ctl00_ctl00_PartContentPlaceHolderMain_ContentPlaceHolderMain_ctl00_ctrlExpo‌​sureComparison_ctrlExposureComparisonCanada1_tbPreviousNumberPrivatePassengers").‌​next('span').remove(); - which works in that it removes the span and the data in table is correct - is there a better way to get the id from the control - rather than copying what I found from the rendered markup –  Ctrl_Alt_Defeat Oct 3 '13 at 12:59
@KOL, glad it works. You can access the element other than id, incase if you cant predict. You can access it using class & attriute depends on your situation. Check the jquery selector for more detail. For now you can use $("input[id*='tbPreviousNumberNoManualCars']") this says input with id contains the word tbPreviousNumberNoManualCars –  Murali Murugesan Oct 3 '13 at 13:12

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