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I have created a single page website that shows off my showreels. I have three reels up and all seems to work perfectly on most browsers besides IE and Safari on PC and mobiles. This also happens on all mobile devices using any browser.

Here is what happens. When I click on a button to show any reel the video slides on Using Jquery. It works fine but on the above mentioned I can see the video framework all fine and a playbutton just like normal but where the video is it is transparentand there is no video. You can see whats behinde the video and it does not play. When hitting play it does nothing but give a loading sign. I am new to this so please explain what I am doing wrong in detail. I really appreciate the help. Here is the site if you want to see what I mean. Run it in IE and go to reels and click on any reel. www.ryanlewis.co.uk


Here is the HTML i am using.

<div id="mainBigReel">
    <video id="reel_1" class="video-js1 vjs-default-skin" 
                      preload="auto" width="96 height="540"     data-setup="{}"  controls loop="true">
        <source src="vids/Reel2013.mp4" type='video/mp4'>
        <source src="vids/Reel2013.webm" type='video/webm'>
        <source src="vids/Reel2013.ogv" type='video/ogg'>
        Your browser does not support this video.

and here is the jquery I am using to run the videos.


$('#homewrap2').click(function () {


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